Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Thing about Me….

Obviously not everyone is going to like me. It is normal for everyone. Some people like you, some people don’t. Get over it. No big deal…. I have an issue with that fact though. I tend to like everyone. I find every individual intriguing, even the ones who treat me like crap. I want to know the way someone thinks. People are all unique and I enjoy everyone’s differences. The thing about me is that when I know that someone does not like me, I see it as a challenge. I try hard to win people over. It’s kind of fun. Someone randomly dislikes me and I work to show them that they’re wrong about what they think towards me. My enemies become my friends. It’s somewhat rewarding. However, I don’t know when to quit. There are individuals who are set on disapproval of me and I let myself get beat up emotionally over and over again because I don’t want to give up on them. I need to let them go and stop trying to change them. I want people to see me as something worthwhile, but I can’t force them to change their minds. Usually I can wear people down and win them over, but not always.

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